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by Molly C

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SSN and SOUL Occupy LaSalle St Bridge

by Molly C


Support our graduate student educators!

by Molly C

Graduate Students United launches campaign to ask the NLRB to make a ruling recognizing graduate student educators at private universities as employees.

Stand with them at and stay tuned for actions this week!

Rally on the Midway: Rice postpones, OccupyChicago responds

by Molly C

Occupy Claims a victory!

Statement on Rice and Paulson’s Postponement of their Event and the Provost’s So-Called Respect for Free Inquiry:

We the students// and the people of Chicago// condemn Hank Paulson and Condoleeza Rice’s postponement of their event// scheduled to occur on Monday, November 14, 2011// at the University of Chicago. Read the rest of this entry »

Take Back UChicago: Week of Action

by Molly C

Protesting Austerity Budget: JASC and SOUL

by Molly C

“43 ticked in protested against cuts in federal spending for seniors” (Tribune): Police issued citations to 43 protesters after they blocked an intersection near the city’s Federal Plaza in protest of possible cuts to federal programs.  Occupy Chicago organizers say those cited included senior citizens from the Jane Addams Senior Caucus who were objecting to what they said were proposed cuts to Social Security, Medicare and other benefits.

“Durbin asked to reaffirm liberal values”(NBC Chicago): Elected officials addressed senior citizens and Occupy Chicago fighting cuts to social safety net programs

SSN at IIRON Day-Long Organizer Training

by Molly C

Toby Chow presents plenary session: power analysis of the 99% vs. the 1%

Who is Henry Paulson? C. Both


What is American Legistlative Exchance Coucil? D. All of the Above.

FLY Trauma Center Die-In and Rally on the Quad

by Molly C

Jubilee Campaign in the news

by southsidesn

SOUL and IIRON’s Jubilee Campaign, and last Saturday’s training on bank accountability, are topic of the front page story in the latest Chicago Weekly.

Scenes from MLK Day

by southsidesn

SOUL‘s 2011 MLK Day Celebration and Public Meeting made the TV news at WGN. It was a very positive (if incomplete) segment.

Some of the crucial moments missing from the WGN segment (such as the commitments acquired from officials addressing foreclosures and other issues) are included in this ten minute compilation of highlights:

Further footage: Opening remarks by Rev. Reggie Weaver of Woodlawn’s First Presbyterian Church, the location of the Celebration and Public Meeting, and a truly SOULful rendition of “Keep Your Eyes On The Prize” courtesy of the excellent mixed choir.